The following forms are provided for the use of schools and organizations and local amateur radio volunteers that are participating in scheduled amateur radio contacts with the ISS through the ARISS program.  These forms are a necessary part of the process for participation in the program.

24 Hour Notice
24 Hour Notice Instructions: 24 hours before your ARISS contact, verify that you are ready by sending an e-mail to: and to your ARISS school mentor. Use the template below to make sure you include all of the information necessary.

Organizations not adhering to this e-mail request will be deleted as an ARISS scheduled contact!

Talent Release Forms
Release Form Instructions: On the day of the ARISS contact count on plenty of cameras and video cameras.  You’ll need to get signed releases from parents of students who will be featured in the event prior to the event in order to use the photos or video captured on social media or other publications.  ARISS, NASA and the international space agencies also use these photos and videos for their publications and web sites.  The ARISS program needs signed releases that provide specific permission for the ARISS program partners to publish photos/video featuring minors.

Please use the ARISS Child Talent Release Form provided here.  Scan, rename the file to YYYY-MM-DD_Venue Name_Talent_Release and send the signed releases to 1-2 weeks after your orientation webinar. Please send a copy of your email with the scanned Talent Release forms to your ARISS Mentor.

We ask that you send us any photos or video you generate as soon as possible.  This includes photos and video from the contact and photos/video of educational activities with students in preparation for the contact event.  Please include information about those activities, including student names which match with the releases, so that we can share your story and give appropriate credit. We also appreciate receiving any anecdotal comments about the experience from educators, parents and students.

Sample Press Release
This sample press release will enable you to prepare a press release to inform the media of your planned event.

ARISS Activity Report
Activity Report Instructions: File this report within 3 days after your contact. 

One to two weeks prior to your contact, download the pdf file and save it to your computer. Prior to the day of the contact, identify the person who will be responsible for filling in the requested information on the day of the contact, and make sure he or she understands the information the form requests. Once the form is completed, rename the form to YYYY-MM-DD_Venue Name_Activity_Report and send it as an email attachment to: with a copy to your ARISS Mentor.

Please include a subject line that includes a description as follows: 
Subject:  ARISS Activity Report (organization name)

Amateur Radio Ground Station Recommendations
These recommendations detail the equipment suggested to support a direct, point to point contact with the ISS from your school site.

Application for Scheduled Contact
Please review the background information provided at Types of ARISS Contacts prior to completing an application.  

Non-ARISS Contact Activity Report
ARISS Form for Reporting an Activity that is NOT an ARISS Contact
Please email your completed form to:

For more information, download the ARISS flyer.

Download these graphic files of the ARISS logo to use for print materials, signage, banners, t-shirts or other applications.