ARISS will be joining in the Dayton Hamvention experience this year with a booth, a forum and four mini-forums.  Dayton Hamvention is May 19-21 in Xenia, Ohio this year.

ARISS’ International Chair Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, will lead the main forum, “ARISS 2.0: The future vision for Amateur Radio on the International Space Station” on Saturday at 12:10 PM in Forum Room 2
In December 1983, Astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL, electrified the world via his ham communications from the Space Shuttle Columbia. Starting at Hamvention 2023, ARISS will spend a year celebrating 40 years of amateur radio on human spaceflight vehicles! Our new vision, ARISS 2.0, will expand ARISS youth education outcomes, ham-in space operations, flight hardware systems, and even our space platform (in addition to ISS, think commercial space stations and lunar operations). Learn what ARISS is doing to support ham radio operations on human spaceflight vehicles – now and over the next 40 years. Expect some surprise guests and new announcements.

The ARISS booth will be in building 4, the “Volta” building.  Four mini-forums will be hosted in the booth area.  Those include:

Friday – 10:00 AM: ARISS Educational Opportunities: SPARKing Interest in Amateur Radio in Teachers and Students
Presented by: Dan White (AD0CQ) ARISS-US Education Committee and professor of electrical and computer engineering at Valparaiso University
Learn how ARISS engages educators and students, including a demonstration of the SPARKI kit. Unsh Rawal will join for an update on the Space Telerobotics using Amateur Radio, AKA *STAR* kit.                   

Friday – 2:00 PM: ARISS Engineering
Presented by: Randy Berger (WA0D), ARISS-USA Director of Engineering
Find out more about how ARISS integrates with the space program partners and new design concepts.

Saturday – 10:00 AM: ARISS How To – Intro to working the repeaters on the ISS –
Presented by: Randy Berger (WA0D), ARISS-USA Director of Engineering
Want to know how to get started making contact with and through the ISS or interested in becoming an ARISS technical mentor, find out more in this session.

Saturday – 2:00 PM – ARISS Post-Forum Q&A / Meet and Greet
Hosted by: Frank Bauer (KA3HDO) – ARISS International Chair and the ARISS team
Meet some of the team that make things happen behind the scenes and get all your ARISS questions answered.