June 20, 2022—Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) plans to have its ARISS InterOperable Radio System (IORS) in crossband repeater mode for ARRL Field Day. The IORS ham station is located in the Columbus Module of the International Space Station. 

ARRL Hq has confirmed that successful radio contacts made through the ARISS IORS, in crossband repeater mode, will count for an ARRL Field Day QSO point, but also for Field Day bonus points! Another fun opportunity for points. Don’t forget the rule limiting stations to 1 QSO per any single channel FM satellite. On-orbit astronauts always have very busy schedules, but if a voice contact were to be made with them, it would count as a QSO credit but not for satellite bonus points. Only an ARISS crossband repeater QSO qualifies for the bonus. Crossband repeater contacts are also valid for AMSAT Field Day for satellite operations, held concurrently with the ARRL event.  

Frequencies for ARISS crossband repeater operation are as follows: 145.990 MHz up, 67 Hz tone and 437.800 MHz down. If you haven’t used the ISS repeater yet, be sure to practice with it before Field Day (June 25 – 26, 2022). These contacts can be tricky, but hams can practice right now…can you do it?