Dec 22, 2022 – The ARISS SSTV capability is currently not operational.  The SSTV card that interfaces with the ISS computer was damaged and cannot be reliably used.  Also, ISS has recently switched to a new complement of laptops, which requires the ARISS Russia team to develop a new computer interface to support SSTV.  ARISS Russia has been actively working this new development and is consulting with the ARISS International hardware/software team on these efforts. Sergey Samburov, RV3DR, ARISS Russia leader, has stated that they expect to complete the SSTV development effort early next year and launch the hardware on a future Progress flight later in the year.  Until then, SSTV operations will be down. 

The ARISS International team will keep all informed about SSTV status through our web site and our social media outlets.