September 15: A large group of undergraduates at Marwadi University celebrated Engineering Day by taking part in a special four-hour interactive workshop, the Fascinating World of Ham Radio & Amateur Radio Satellites. The goal was to inspire the 80 students in Rajkot, Gujarat, India to take up electronics studies and enjoy STEM activities done by ham radio operators. Workshop subjects, some led by ARISS volunteers, included high altitude balloons with radio payloads, ARISS digital and SSTV (picture downlinks) activities, satellite tracking, demos of using VHF radios, and CubeSats and the data students can capture from them for research. Another subject covered in a multimedia presentation was an ARISS radio contact from previous years supported by Sunita Williams for a school in India. One of the workshop leaders, their student coordinator, who is a member of the university student satellite team, presented some of the interactive sessions (she has her ham license, also).  The university decided recently to support students in building a satellite to be launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

September 28: After ARISS Director of Engineering Randy Berger procured a 3D printer, his teams began researching and developing items that will enhance ARISS capabilities. Just two examples of the research and development include a framework for a character generator case for the ARISS HamTV system and also a frame for a CubeSat. ARISS volunteer Hunter McNamara printed 2 CubeSat frames and Randy procured the electronic parts for them. He said, “The prints are very high quality and we’ll put hardware inside and solar panels on the outside. Then we’ll have CubeSats for ARISS to use with students at schools and conventions.” 

September 26: Students and educators from the Tsiolkovsky School came to the Amur State University to join a group of undergraduates taking part in an ARISS radio contact. The university, in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, hosted the contact for 20 students. It was supported by Sergey Prokopyev. Youth had been learning about the Gagarin in Space lessons under the auspices of the ARISS-Russia team who planned the ARISS contact.

September 24-25:  ARRL-ARISS Committee Chair Mark Tharp set up an exhibit table featuring the ARISS program at the ARRL Washington State Convention in Spokane, WA.  The exhibit was seen by all 300 attendees because it was right by the entryway and featured the ARISS roll-up banner.  Handouts and business cards were picked up by attendees, young and old, from Washington and a few other states.  

September 28: Students from the New England SciTech learning center had an ARISS contact with Bob Hines. A great deal of information is being received about the contact and the full story will be in next week’s report.

ARISS Upcoming Events
Oct 7 Escuela #38 Raul Alfonsin, Esperanza Base, Argentina, Antarctica, ARISS-Canada Team