November 1: Students at the Five Bridges Junior High School in Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada have been immersed the last several months in preparation for their ARISS contact, researching the solar system, space, and black holes, and growing plants from seeds that had been flown in space. Youth excitement was high last week when the ARISS contact was scheduled. The day beforehand, the contact had to be postponed because of the ISS dealing with a necessary object avoidance maneuver.  The students’ excitement dampened a little, so a poster was created to keep spirits high.  The poster, which was displayed in the foyer of the school, featured a quote from Astronaut Chris Hadfield.  ARISS is working to re-schedule the contact.

ARISS Social Media for October  

ARISS gained a new volunteer to help with the ARISS social media duties, particularly in monthly planning and more creativity. Having an extra person resulted in increased posts and much higher interactions! October metrics and also Top October posts are below.

  • Top Tweet in October (15,216 Impressions, 788 Interactions / Engagements) 
  • Top Facebook Post in October (8,949 Reaches, 9,373 Impressions, 823 Engagements)  
  • Top Instagram Post in October (190 Reach, 32 Interactions / Engagements)

Total October Metrics on each Social Media Platform:

  • ARISS Twitter – Total Impressions / Views 112,684,  Interactions / Engagements 4,015
  • ARISS Facebook – Total Impressions 25,961,  Interactions / Engagements 3,047
  • ARISS Instagram – Total Reach 281, Interactions / Engagements 290
  • ARISS YouTube – Total Subscribers 1,710

ARISS Upcoming Events  

Nov 20: Ural State University, Yekaterinburg Russia, ARISS-Russia Team