October 14:  ARISS educator Joanne Michael gave a 90-minute presentation at an annual conference sponsored by the California Association of Science Educators in Palm Springs, CA. Through the conference’s proceedings, the organization aimed to “answer the national academies’ Call to Action for Science Education for better, more equitable science education.” Joanne’s talk, titled “Capturing Students’ Wonder and Curiosity, Using Amateur Radio,” covered ARISS and wireless technology STEM activities.  Over 30 educators attended the forum, most being high school teachers. For gaining attention in order to do a lot of networking throughout the conference, she wore an outfit featuring Morse code dots and dashes, which worked; she networked with 80 people. Joanne’s educator title for the Wiseburn Unified School District in the Hawthorne, CA area is TK-5 Science Curriculum Coach.

November 4-5:  ARISS educator Diane Warner and the All Things Amateur Radio Association members set up and staffed a booth at the Lancaster, OH community event honoring veterans. The displays featured items about veterans, amateur radio, and ARISS. Club members are very outgoing and enjoyed explaining to 251 people about ham radio and the experiences their area school students had before, during, and after their 2020 ARISS contact. Those who chatted at length included parents and their children and the general public. 

ARISS Upcoming Events  
Nov 22 ARISS Contact: St.Joseph’s Convent Secondary Sch., Castries, St. Lucia, ARISS-Canada Team
Nov 23 ARISS Contact:  Five Bridges Jr. H.S., Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada, ARISS-Canada Team