May 11: The online publication, Interesting Engineering, ran a story about Dhruv Rebba, an ARISS volunteer who specializes in computer science as a senior at Normal Community High School in Bloomington, IL.  He’s been chosen for the national 2022 4-H Youth in Action Award for STEM. Here’s why. He’s the lead of the Illinois 4-H in Space Mission Command. The 4-H in Space program will potentially allow 10,000 Illinois youth over three years to collect data from satellites in space. He works with Illinois 4-H, the Laboratory for Advanced Space Systems at Illinois, and the University of Illinois Department of Aerospace in developing a program to enable youth to build and program microsatellites that will launch in third quarter 2022. He’s CEO of Universal Health Foundation, an international non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for the underprivileged, providing such things as supplies to the needy–19 schools and 250 families during the pandemic.  In 2017 he wrote an ARISS Education Proposal with teachers, which won his school an ARISS contact. 

April 7: An ARISS educator at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Houston, TX engaged Kindergarten through 8th grade students in STEM by getting their hands-on help in assembling the pieces of a ham radio station at the school. The school will host an ARISS contact later in 2022. Earlier, students had assisted in installing the antenna and the antenna rotator on a mast. Recently, adults set up the antenna on the school roof. Students now proudly “have ownership” of the antenna. 

May 12: An ARISS contact was hosted by the Scuola Secondaria Leopardi in the Macherio, Monza and Brianza Provence of the Lombardia region of Italy.  150 students filled the big auditorium and 100 others in classrooms and outside of the school watched the livestream at:  Macherio’s mayor, the school principal and teachers, and news reporters also watched the action. After the contact, students showed off some of their educational achievements and talents to the audience.  By evening, 1,527 viewers had watched the recording of the contact. In previous months, 240 elementary and middle school students learned many aspects of space exploration and took part in events related to astrophysics, archaeology, electrical engineering, space medicine, environmental science, and amateur radio.

May 5: NASA’s web pages carried a feature titled, “The Scientific Journey of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 Aboard the ISS.”  The story highlighted “scientific milestones” from the six-month mission, including that Raja Chari supported an ARISS radio contact with school students in Chile.  The story is at:

May 11: The May/June 2022 issue of On the Air magazine contains an article penned by Rosalie White; it included a section on ARISS.  The magazine, published by the American Radio Relay League, goes to 45,000 of its members in print or digital format. Her item, titled “Don’t Hesitate to Ask,” encourages readers not to worry that asking questions makes them sound “green.” She cited examples of not hesitating to ask how to make ARISS packet and cross band repeater contacts and to learn about ARISS SSTV (picture link) sessions.

ARISS Upcoming Events
 May 19-20 Hamvention, US-wide large amateur radio convention: booth, forum, ARISS-US team
May 20 Forum Accademico Italiano eV, Koln Germany  ARISS school contact, ARISS-Europe team
May 21 All-Russian Traveler Festival, Lipetsk, Russia  ARISS contact, ARISS-Russia team
May 27 Aznakayevo youth, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia  ARISS contact, ARISS-Russia team