May 24: Youth at France’s Reunion Island school, Ecole Elémentaire de Saint Leu Centre had an ARISS radio contact with Thomas Pesquet who answered 17 questions.  200 people witnessed the event, which was also livestreamed for 189 viewers. While the audience waited for AOS, the school presented an excellent video. It featured interviews of students describing space-related projects they completed in preparation for their ARISS contact. A recording of the special ARISS day’s events is at: (introduction begins at 10 minutes in) and has had 3,853 views.

May 22: ARISS-Russia scheduled Pyotr Dubrov for speaking with youth in Aznakaevo in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. They’d had a previous ARISS radio contact in January. ARISS located an online media story about the group’s January contact, held at the Aznakaevo Airfield’s youth collective radio station. The reporter gave examples of the boys’ questions—so similar to all global students, for example:  “Do you like space food?” The story quoted the youth supervisor: “We saw the trajectory of the flight, how they move at 27500 km per hour. Some parents didn’t fit in our tiny room and were standing in the street — the chairman of TPS No.4 commented on the event. Afterwards, students demonstrated ham radio communications.”

May 25: Students from two Chilean schools in Valdivia, Windsor School and Liceo Industrial of Valdivia High School, took part in an ARISS contact with Mark Vande Hei. This ARISS contact saw 200 people witnessing it including national and regional media broadcasters and a newspaper rep. The event was livestreamed, URL is:

(begins 3 minutes in) and has had 801 views. Both schools modified the STEM curricula to cover space exploration/science and radio communications. Activities engaged students in astronomy, radio science, robotics, and satellite-tracking software. Selected students took part in the Houston Association for Space and Science Education program. The schools partnered with the Radio Club Torreones. 

May 24: An About Gagarin From Space event was conducted with students of the House of Technical Creativity in the village of Svetly Saratovskaya, the Saratov region of Russia. Pyotr Dubrov supported the ARISS contact tied to the learning event.

May 22: The Lewis Center for Educational Research in Apple Valley, CA found out they were chosen for an ARISS contact in first-half 2021. The Victorville Daily Press featured an online article about the Lewis Center, citing President/CEO Lisa Lamb’s plan. She stated, “As soon as the new school year begins, our students will engage in weekly lessons to make the most of our radio contact with astronauts on the ISS.” Lewis Center STEM coordinator Amy Ritter said excitement is building around the school. The article’s link is:

May 27: ARISS leaders Kathy Lamont and John Kludt along with lead ARISS Education Ambassador Joanne Michael hosted an online ARISS Orientation Webinar for 18 representatives from nine schools–educators and the ham radio operators who will assist. The schools were selected recently to sponsor ARISS contacts in second-half 2021. The webinar offered an overview of an ARISS contact and covered deliverables, expectations, and possible radio station configurations.  Attendees asked questions and discussed their proposed education plans. They expressed excitement about the opportunity to host an ARISS contact.

May 27: Forest Edge Elementary School, a Title 1 school in Reston, VA was one of several schools participating in Space Exploration Night, and ARISS educator Melissa Pore gave presentations on ARISS, communications and satellites. She was part of a panel that included Deputy Director of NASA Earth Sciences Division Sandra Cauffman and reps from Langley Research Center and Northrop Grumman. 135 students watched with their parents while 10 teachers moderated the program. Follow-ups include lessons next fall on ARISS and SCaN.

May 27: ARISS thanks SCaN for posting a Twitter item about an ARISS school. The post garnered 8,327 impressions and was the top post of the week!

Details will be in next week’s  report about the successful ARISS contacts recently hosted in Russia and France.

Upcoming Events

June 2 The Father’s House Christian School, Morinville AB Canada, ARISS contact  ARISS-Canada team