June 27: An online show, “Tank Radio,” featured a talk with Frank Bauer. He discussed ARISS’ new education programs, details about the ARISS radio system on the ISS, and how Astronaut Kjell Lindgren has been making radio contacts with ham operators who are very thrilled to talk to him.  175 people watched the live podcast, and within four days, 40 more people had viewed the recording.

June 24-26 The ARISS-Europe team presented three stage talks, a forum, and a teachers’ seminar at Ham Radio 2022, a large annual convention held in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The team staffed an exhibit booth, also and more details will be available for next week’s report.

June 24: Frank Bauer networked with Courtney Black, Education Project Manager at the ISS National Lab, updating her on the latest on ARISS education programs. The updates were in preparation for her being on “Houston, We Have a Podcast” to talk about formal and informal teachers’ interest in ARISS. More details on the podcast will be in next week’s report.

July 19-22: The annual ARISS-International Meeting will be held via Zoom due to continuing COVID concerns. ARISS-International delegates and team members will present and discuss topics on operations, development, and education initiatives, among others. More information will follow in future reports.

ARISS Upcoming Events 
July 9 Bauman Moscow State Technical U., Moscow, Russia  ARISS contact, ARISS-Russia team
July 13 Il Cielo Itinerante, ASI Center for Space, Matera, Italy ARISS contact, ARISS-Europe team
July 16 Celebration of Frigate Nadezhda, Vladivostok, Russia  ARISS contact, ARISS-Russia team