July 14: An ARISS radio contact was held at the Children’s University camp near Southwest State University in Kursk, Russia. The event saw a good crowd attending: 100 students, 10 instructors, and 10 others helping with or watching the action. One of those assisting was ARISS-Russia leader Sergey Samburov. He wrote, “For the best questions composed to ask the cosmonauts, the children received photos with signatures of ISS crew members.”

August 11: Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who are part of the 1st Ono Group Hyogo Council Scout Association of Ono, Japan had an ARISS contact with Shane Kimbrough.  A troop leader reported: “There was a surprise! Akihiko Hoshide’s voice was heard, too!” Participants were masked and outdoors. Scouts took turns at the mike and Shane answered 14 of their questions. The audience totaled 119 including 30 scouts and 22 other children, 25 leaders and 42 other adults, and 2 newspaper reporters. The council’s 50 scouts range in age from those in elementary school to those at the university level, and there are 40 scout leaders. The council wrote: “This year marks the 40-year anniversary of the council’s founding. The ARISS contact is intended to help scouts develop an interest in space, science, and technology.”  The URL for a video of the event is: http://www.ariss.jp/8j3ono/8j3ono_20210811.mp4

August 11: Rosalie White gave a Zoom presentation on ARISS to the Radio Amateur Training & Planning Activity Committee, followed by a Q&A. Attending were 25 women and men who are state-level ARRL (American Radio Relay League, an ARISS sponsor) officials from 18 different states, and the head of the ARRL-ARISS Board Committee. Others will be provided with a recording. The presentation covered hardware, education, ARISS’s celebration of 20 years of Amateur Radio on the ISS, and on-the-air ARISS activities for educators, students, ham operators, shortwave listeners, and the general public.  

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