July: ARISS volunteer Fred Kemmerer gave presentations during July to five amateur radio clubs in Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, and he was guest speaker at one podcast. A total of 170 people heard him describe how he and his wife and their ham radio club (Nashua Area Radio Society) have sponsored school ARISS contacts and helped other schools who undertook an ARISS contact. His talk included details on other activities and programs his club supports to interest youth and adults in STEM. He said, “I expect to give my presentation to quite a few other clubs over the next two months.”

July 26: The Moscow Aviation Institute has begun planning for upcoming MAI-75 Slow Scan TV (SSTV) sessions. The Cosmonauts will downlink images for a period of hours on August 6 and again on the 7th. These SSTV experiment events attract a large worldwide audience of radio enthusiasts, space enthusiasts, shortwave listeners, educators, and youth. They can post images they download to the ARISS SSTV Gallery, and typically, the number of postings is close to 2,000. The link for the gallery is: https://www.spaceflightsoftware.com/ARISS_SSTV/

July 28: The ARISS team is finalizing plans for an exhibit table and an ARISS forum at the ARRL Southeastern Division Convention. This major ham radio convention is the first one scheduled for in-person attendance in two years and is for ARRL members in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico. The event is being held in Huntsville, AL and a large turn-out is expected.

Upcoming Events

Aug 3 Notre Dame Jogakuin Jr & Sr High School, Kyoto, Japan, ARISS contact ARISS-Japan team

Aug 11 1st Ono Grp Hyogo Council Scout Assn, Ono, Japan ARISS contact ARISS-Japan team