September 5: The Colegio Tarbut, Olivos in Buenos Aires, Argentina hosted an ARISS contact with Kjell Lindgren who answered 16 questions. An audience of 150 students, 14 educators, the entire Galapagos Islands’ school board, and 25 community members watched. The Department of Communication filmed the action and want to create a special show. The staff livestreamed the event on Instagram and garnered 1,000 viewers; 224 more people watched the recording. 25 Galapagos Islands schools were involved with the event and STEM lessons. Radio Club Argentino supported the ARISS radio contact and provided an audio recording of the action on Facebook for 142 viewers. The staff spent 2 years preparing students for this day, having developed a special curriculum covering studies of the Earth, space exploration history, space station life, satellites, and radio communications. Students also enjoyed competing in a Hackathon. The ARISS contact was part of the school celebration of 61 years of educating students in kindergarten through secondary grades.   

September 1: ARISS Technical Mentor Fred Kemmerer presented two sessions at the NASA STEM Better Together 2022 gathering at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.  The NASA Office of STEM Engagement hosted the workshops. The event was for educators, particularly those who had won grants, some sponsored by NASA’s Minority University Research & Education Project. Fred’s talk covered all aspects of ARISS education; he stated, “Educators asked many good questions and showed high interest in ARISS.” His charts included a section on educator Drew Deskur’s recent ARISS contact. Drew, a winner of a TEAM II Community Anchor Award for his new project targeting inner-city Binghamton (NY) and rural central New York schools, had come to the conference and this presentation. He related: “Multiple people who saw my photo in Fred’s charts waylaid me through the day to ask about ARISS and to trade e-addresses. I got to talk to Ricky Arnold and mentioned ARISS; Ricky said ARISS was one of the highlights of his weeks when he was on the ISS.” ARISS educator Melissa Pore, invited by NASA OSTEM to network with attendees, reported that she talked to many educators about her students and ARISS and NASA STEM programs. ARISS thanks SCaN for suggesting a presentation could be given at this event. 

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